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Almighty Acorn

Say hello to our fourth Almighty Acorn, the sweet Aurora-Rosé!

“Hi everyone 💕

My names Aurora-Rosé and I want to tell you a bit about my story. I was due to be born on the 04th July 2020 however I decided I wanted to come early & was born on the 28th March 2020 weighing 1.11lbs 🥺. I had to stay in hospital for 3 months and its was the longest and scariest time of mine and my mummies life. Throughout my NICU stay I faced so many setbacks, I had to fight off Meningitis, Sepsis, Bleed on the brain, Hole in the heart. There was also times where I was close to going 1 step further but then had set backs with braddys and desats which was scary and heartbreaking, but although I went through all of that, I also overcome it all and became a strong little princess 👸🏾❤️.

I am now a stong 1 Year old with an attitude of a 25 year old - I don't suffer from any health issues, I'm strong, I'm a survivor. I'm my mummies miracle, strong little princess 😘 due to all this I'm also a very spoilt little princess.” - Aurora-Rosé’s momma

Swipe to see this little princess grow! 💜

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