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My name is Chantal Wells and I am the founder of Adeline’s Aid, the nonprofit in honor of my daughter Adeline. Whilst being alone in hospital on bed rest due to preterm labor I gained the most strength from connecting with other mothers online who had either gone through a similar experience or were currently in a similar situation. Therefore I have built on those experiences and would love to offer extensive support and love to those in need by means of this nonprofit.


Adeline's Aid

Adeline’s Aid is a nonprofit agency which provides love and support to high risk pregnant mothers and families with premature babies in the NICU before, during and after their hospital stay in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area.


From the tiniest acorn

comes the mighty oak

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Get in touch with Chantal Wells to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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4122 Providence Rd, Apartment C
Charlotte, Mecklenburg County 28211




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