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Behind the Scenes

Meet our sweet little miracle baby Adeline Rose Wells. On June 4th 2020 my husband came home from work and despite having a strict workplace of masks and temperature checks, there had been an outbreak of coronavirus. My husband, twin two year olds and I all tested positive. Everyone fared well except for me. June 14th at 1 am I woke up to my water breaking. The doctors assumed my body decided to hit the "eject" button on baby Adeline at 27 weeks pregnant. I woke up to a gush of water in bed at 1am. I called and the doctor ordered me straight to labor and delivery at a level IV (the highest) NICU. I truly was in denial and thought I was being a hypochondriac, but even though I was covid positive they insisted it was urgent I get there asap. After a bunch of tests, steroids, antibiotics, blood thinner shots and tears I was put in isolation and would remain like that until I tested negative for covid. I was the first patient in Charlotte, NC to be in early preterm labor and have covid. There was so much to learn about PPROM (preterm premature rupture of membranes) I had no idea it existed. Having doctors call you(since they wanted to minimize contact) and tell you all the worst case scenarios about you and your baby is terrifying, and what is worse is hearing it whilst being alone. The hospital and doctors weren't sure exactly how to deal with the situation. I no longer had symptoms but "was I still contagious? "was the big unknown. They were flying through PPE taking care of me. Even if a pen came into my room it had to remain there. I continued to test positive for Covid. After ten days in isolation and four brain tickling covid tests I finally tested negative and was moved to high risk maternity to remain on bed rest and be closely monitored. I managed to stay pregnant a total of three weeks until I woke up early on July 5th to my placenta abrupting, and the world around me started moving quickly. Thankfully Josh, my husband, was staying there with me the night before so he was right by my side. Two hours later Adeline Rose Wells was born and whisked away, Josh went over to meet her and take some videos for me to see our sweet girl. She somehow looked bigger than I had expected with a full head of black hair. Several hours later I got to meet her and I was in love. She was tiny and struggling to keep her lungs open so she was intubated. But soon she transitioned to bubble Cpap and then finally room air next I was reunited after what felt like eternity with Will and Eli my twins at home, a moment I will never forget. But quickly my emotions turned, trying to navigate making up lost time with the twins and being at the hospital with Adeline was so hard. Covid changed our families life beyond measure. I carried my twins to full term three years ago and was induced, hence the shock of our singleton. After my placenta study they are fairly certain covid is what caused my preterm labor. Adeline was born with a hole in her heart which has shrunk in size small enough to not need surgery thankfully and she has mild to moderate hearing loss in her right ear due to unknowncauses at this stage, therefore she wears a hearing aid. Those three and a half weeks on bedrest and seven weeks in the NICU significantly changed our lives. The community supported us tremendously, often strangers. I am originally from South Africa and did not have a large support system prior to our experience, however now I have made so many wonderful and loving friends. In honor of our experience I would like to offer that same love and support to mothers in preterm labor and families in the NICU and to spread awareness about the glory of God and how we first handedly witnessed so many miracles around us, including our own sweet girl. 

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