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Almighty Acorn

Happy Friday everyone! Today is a special day for us as we are going to share our very first story from the ‘Almighty Acorn’ series.

Our first little acorn is Jesse.

“Jesse was born at 31 weeks, he weighed a tiny 1.4kgs (3lbs)

I was admitted to hospital for 8 weeks before he was delivered, initially they nearly delivered him at 26 weeks but the dreaded magnesium infusion worked its magic and we were able to hold on for a couple more weeks. I have a brain tumor and neurological condition that causes the pressure in my brain to rise and this put him and I in an extremely dangerous situation, it eventually stopped my placenta from working and so there was no choice but to deliver him via emergency c section under general anesthetic.

It was 30 hours before I was able to see him. He was on a ventilator for a week and then C Pap for 5 days and then high flow oxygen. He had to be put under the lights numerous times and battled sepsis and various infections that nearly took him from us. The first time I was able to hold him was undoubtedly the best moment of my life. The NICU journey is like nothing else, it will break your heart and test your faith. There is absolutely nothing harder than watching your child fight for their life. These little warriors are born fighting, Jesse is now 4 months old, 2 months corrected. He is doing so well. He battles with his lungs still from being on the ventilator and he has had ongoing issues with his eyes called ROP, this is a result of prematurity and the ventilator, but every day things get better. We work hard in therapy with him every day to give him the best chance for a good future. He truly is my little miracle.” - Nicky (Jesse’s mom)

Swipe to see Jesse go from strength to strength. Him and his momma are such warriors 💜

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