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Almighty Acorn

Meet our sixth Almighty Acorn, sweet little Jehlani-Khari.

“All my life I wanted a family of my own. After an unexpected pregnancy and loss in 2019, I became unsure if I could endure pain in the same way again (or if I wanted to). To my surprise, on my mother’s birthday in November of 2020 I found out I was pregnant. I had a completely healthy pregnancy until I was 28 weeks along. As a result of developing HELLP syndrome very suddenly, My little Jehlani-Khari was born at exactly 29 weeks on 03,2021 at 2lbs 8.6oz via c-section. We spent 100 unforgettable long days in the NICU together before being sent home to grow. I watched him grow from having a CPAP to breathe to a high flow oxygen cannula to being able to do it on his own. Those little moments in the NICU were my happiest. Every little accomplishment mattered (and still does). We faced many challenges in the NICU, I watched bedside procedure after procedure. I stood by him during radiology procedures and day after day we had no answers explaining his health concerns aside from his “prematurity”. To our disappointment and a whole surgery later we were sent home. Fast forward to being home for a month and he’s done nothing but thrive on his own! Baby boy is outgrowing his TPN and continues to meet developmental milestones! I have faith in him. I have faith in us. He is my little miracle, NICU warrior and my heart will always and forever beat for him. He is now 4 months old, 11lbs and as happy as a baby can be!” - Kerilyn (Jehlani-Khari’s mom)

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